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A6 Stalogy Half-Year Notebook

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With minimal details, this simple-styled notebook is suitable for the unique daily needs of all kinds of users. For a notebook with a total of 192 pages, it is sleek and easy to carry because of its thin paper. 

Customize each page by underlining the date, day of the week and month. 

Each page has a timeline numbered from 7 to 23 so you can create a timeline of your schedule. 

The 5x5mm grid in this notebook has just the right line thickness and darkness for easy, neat writing and drawing. 

The carefully selected notebook paper is thin and light enough to fit 192 pages but strong enough to prevent ink bleed. 

Designed by Stalogy.
Stalogy: stationery, standard & technology. Aiming to finally arrive at what should have existed all along. 

Made in Japan. 

A6 size: 4.25"x 5.8"x 0.6" (105mm x 148mm)