Heretic Parfum

Blood Cedar

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A bright, woody, earthy scent that feels like cozying up in a cabin with your favorite heirloom quilt after a day spent walking in the forest.

From Heretic Parfum:
“Wild, woody, lushly green and resinous—We’ve created a fragrance that fully evokes the feral aspects of the forest. Blood cedar is a natural essence that's derived from the deep, rich wood in the heart of the cedar tree. This fragrance is densely packed with woody notes, resulting in the experience of walking through a dense thick of cedar branches, your skin stained with pitch, resin, and traces of wild moss. It's tenacious and almost otherworldly.”

Top Notes: Spruce, frankincense
Heart Notes: Red spruce, Siberian fir absolute
Base Notes: Wormwood, pine, cypress

Heretic Parfum is the creation of Douglas Little: perfumer, alchemist, and botanical wizard. Each fragrance is unisex and all natural. What does “all natural” mean in the context of a perfume? With Heretic, it means a base of organic non-GMO food grade sugarcane alcohol; essential oils, concretes, and absolutes made of plants and flowers. It means smelling the botanical vibrancy come alive, mixing with your own chemistry for a scent that is truly your own.


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