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Craft Design Technology

CDT Mechanical Pencil

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This pencil was made in collaboration with the iconic manufacturer Pentel. It feels sturdy and substantial in the hand, much like a solid fountain pen. It comes with a removable cap to keep your point safe and the lead can be advanced even when the cap is posted to the body. There's a slim removable cover on the eraser. 

Refill lead set sold separately  

Craft Design Technology collaborates with established Japanese stationers and manufacturers, putting their signature design spin on treasured items. These are items with earned cult followings, elevated with a well-designed twist. 

Our business was born out of a desire to communicate the Japanese essence of “practical beauty” for workspaces and schools, where we spend most of our waking hours. Forming an alliance with established stationery manufacturers in Japan and incorporating their technology, our mission is to change the identity of standard stationery, creating new products that harmonize “Craft” “Design” and “Technology”.

-Craft Design Technology