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Dashi Dream Sachets

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Dashi is the base for countless soup recipes and can be used in several other dishes. Braise vegetables with it, cook rice with it, get creative with this umami powerhouse!

Dashi Dream is a special blend of carefully handpicked ingredients from the sea, and Yame Gyokuro green tea from the city of Yame in Fukoka, Japan. Yame Gyokuro helps reveal the mild umami flavor of the dashi broth. All ingredients are additive-free and natural. No chemical seasonings, artificial colors or preservatives are used. 

Ingredients: Salt, bonito, round herring, mackerel, flying fish, shiitake mushroom, kelp (kombu), sugar, yeast extract, starch hydrolysate, green tea, powdered soy sauce (soybeans, wheat, salt)
*This product contains wheat and soy. Manufactured in a facility that uses dairy, wheat, buckwheat, shrimp and crab.

Each bag contains ten sachets.


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