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The Sphinx and The Priestess

Death Candle

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This is a manifestation candle hand-poured during the new or full moon. Made of luscious soy wax and all-natural scents, each ritual flame contains a charged quartz crystal and channeled mantra to aid your manifestation.

Ritual Uses

A new start, transformation, self-initiated change, removing blocks or bad habits, releases what no longer serves

Product Description
• Scent: smoky amber, bitter citrus, thorny rose, sacred wood
• Color: Rich, creamy ivory
• Handmade, poured, and packaged in Los Angeles
• Made of natural soy wax and cotton wick
• Crafted with essential oils that are 90% steam distilled, 5% dry distilled, and 5% CO2 distilled
• Burn time: 30-60 hours (approximately)
• 12 oz single wick candle in glass vessel
• 3" width, 4" height (approximately)

*Please note: candles are crafted with intention to give you the tool with which to manifest your desires. How you work with the candles is entirely up to you and results are not guaranteed.