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Dining In

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The iconic debut cookbook from Alison Roman. 

The recipes in Dining In have one thing in common: they make even the most oven-phobic or restaurant-crazed person want to stay home and cook. Vegetable-forward but with an affinity for a mean steak and a deep regard for fried fish, these recipes are all about building flavor and saving time. They prove that casual doesn't have to mean boring, simple doesn't have to be uninspired, and that more steps or ingredients don't always translate to a better plate of food. With Alison Roman, dining in brings you just as much joy as eating out. 

"I promise that I will never ask you to make something in two skillets if it can be done in one. I will never ask you to buy an ingredient you've never heard of unless I can defend it within an inch of my life and tell you twenty other things to do with it. I promise that I will never require you to take all the leaves off the parsley stem because that takes FOREVER and I think you'll like the tiny stems anyway. I promise that you will learn at least one thing that will make you a better and more independent cook for the rest of your life." - Alison Roman

303 pages

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