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Brian Levy

Good & Sweet

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A New Way to Bake with Naturally Sweet Ingredients

Groundbreaking recipes for real desserts- sweetened entirely by fruit and other natural, unexpectedly sweet ingredients

Brian Levy spent years making pastries the traditional way, with loads of refined sugar and white flour, at distinguished restaurants, inns, and private homes in the United States and Europe. But he discovered another world of desserts- one that few bakers have explored- where there's no need for cane sugar or coconut sugar, for maple syrup or honey, or for anything like stevia. When Levy succeeded in making a perfect mango custard, harnessing the natural sweetness of fruit and adding no sugar, it was a breakthrough that inspired years of experimentation in converting other desserts and breakfast treats into nutritious indulgences. 

In Good & Sweet, Levy stretches this experiment across 100 recipes that ingeniously deploy fruit (dried, juiced and fresh), nuts, grains, dairy, and fermented products to create sweet treats whose flavor is enriched by whole-food, feel-good ingredients. Recipes offer substitutions for dietary restrictions and include flavorful sweeteners that transcend cane sugar, from freeze-dried sweet corn to coconut cream and apple cider. A Pistachio-Studded Peach Galette gets its wings from fresh fruit, dried apricots, and orange juice; chestnuts, golden raisins, and dried apples perform a pas de trois in Chestnut Ricotta Ice Cream; and dates, milk powder, and a touch of miso paste make for a dense, caramel-y Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake. Sweets like these- ones that nudge you toward a mindful preparation and eating but don't compromise flavor- will make you feel good  about dessert. 

287 pages