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Letters of Note: Love

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From Napoleon Bonaparte and Frida Kahlo to Simone de Beauvoir and Nelson Mandela, glimpse the ardors of artists, writers, spouses and more in this touching collection of beautiful missives from the compiler of the bestselling Letters of Note collections. 

Beethoven years to see his Immortal Beloved. A Victorian farmer proposes marriage to a woman he's never met. Georgia O'Keefe describes to Alfred Stieglitz her aching fervor for him. Zora Heale Hurston gives her ex-husband relationship advice. 

Revealing deep, eternal truths from the heart, this intimate volume of thirty letters traces all of love's incarnations, from first blush and mutual enchantment to unrequited emotion and the ache of passions past. It offers a rare and timeless look at what it means to love and be loved. 

Shaun Usher is the creator of the enormously popular blogs and and the compiler of the bestselling Letters of Note collections. He spends much of his time hunting for letters and making lists of things to share. He lives in Manchester, England with his family. 

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