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Leaves & Flowers

Mintha Loose Leaf Tea

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Mintha is a delicious tea ready to be enjoyed daily: morning, afternoon, or evening; hot or iced. More about the namesake from Leaves & Flowers: 

In Greek mythology, Mintha (or Minthe) was a Naiad nymph beloved by Hades. When she claimed to be superior to Hades’ wife Persephone, the angry goddess transformed Mintha into the mint plant. Hades, trying to comfort her, gave Mintha a delightful and fragrant scent so all would appreciate her sweetness. Mintha subsequently became a sacred plant of Hades, and has come to be a associated with metamorphosed beauty.

Flavor Notes: Fresh, Sweet, Uplifting

Ingredients: Peppermint, Anise Hyssop, Tarragon

18-20 servings