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Leigh Patterson

Moon Lists: Volume 2

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A guided journal for all: approachable questions and prompts to ignite something in even those that have a difficult time putting pen to paper. Come and go as you please with this book- it's undated and always available to help guide you through your thoughts. When used consistently it will last you 12 months. 
A 12-month analog workbook, The Moon Lists uses prompts, list-making, and specific observations as a way to reflect, creatively expand, and see the present with
refined perspective.
The routine practice of asking yourself these questions is an exercise in drawing the connection between memory and experience, a reminder that daily choices matter, habits are defining, and objects can hold layers of meaning.
A “low stakes, high reward ritual,” the prompts and weekly exercises connect the conscious & subconscious; they are a template for exchanging stories, questioning ways of being, developing ideas, and reshaping life in more imaginative and nourishing ways.