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Nuit Blanche Candle

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HōV crafts elegantly scented candles, relying on the trusted expertise of artisans from their native France. From the fragrance to the wax to the precise glass vessel, every piece of this candle has been discerningly chosen. 

Allow HōV to introduce the scent:

In the remote region of Mysore, smoking sandalwood breathes out its woody and milky soul to join the final oily, almondy breath of a split coconut served at nightfall. In the middle of the night, a murmur in the forest reawakens my instincts and calls to me; I chase after it through the sandalwood forest. The coolness of the darkness and the leaves on the trees whip our faces, brush against our bodies and carry us all the way to expanses of tuberose. Stretched along the white horizon, the sensual and solar scents glisten and exalt our bodies in carnal darkness.

Notes: Coconut, Sandalwood, Tuberose

Mineral & vegetal wax with leadless cotton core
Approximate 50+ hour burn time

Made in France