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Heretic Parfum

Pretty / Dirty Duo

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Two become one with this set.

From Heretic Parfum:
"A playful 2-in-1 fragrance designed for versatility, individuality, and layering, Pretty/Dirty can be worn separately or in tandem. Standard perfumes are crafted with top, heart, and base notes but we’ve broken the mold here. Pretty uses only top and heart notes so there is a sheerness to it- a fresh and citrusy mix of bergamot, orange peel, and sweet dripping orange blossoms with a hint of maté tea. Dirty is built with traces of a heart chord and a brazen base chord, where mysterious herbal elements of myrrh, wormwood and styrax combine with woody notes of oud and cedar to form a seductive blend that will last all night. Each is extraordinary on its own, but when Pretty meets Dirty, the real alchemy happens.

PRETTY: Bergamot, neroli, orange peel, maté tea

DIRTY: Myrrh, styrax, cedar, agarwood (oud), wormwood

Heretic Parfum is the creation of Douglas Little: perfumer, alchemist, and botanical wizard. Each fragrance is unisex and all natural. What does “all natural” mean in the context of a perfume? With Heretic, it means a base of organic non-GMO food grade sugarcane alcohol; essential oils, concretes, and absolutes made of plants and flowers. It means smelling the botanical vibrancy come alive, mixing with your own chemistry for a scent that is truly your own.

Two 10ml bottles