Mafalda Pinto Leite


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From adaptogens and algae to sweet potatoes and turmeric, discover the exquisite flavors and healing magic of whole foods. This A to Z guide and cookbook of the world's most nutrient-dense foods illuminates how nature provides everything you need to achieve radiant health.

The (mostly) raw, vegan recipes highlight these powerhouse foods in unexpected ways, like the Rose Quartz Latte, Zen Chia Pudding with Matcha Whip, Moroccan Spiced Salad with Chickpea Popcorn, Into the Sea Salad Bowl, and Chocolate Maca Doughnuts.

As you follow Mafalda's joyful "inside out" approach, you'll experience bountiful energy, acute brainpower, balanced hormones, luminous skin, elevated moods, and restored digestion. These transformative recipes are your guide to choosing foods with the potential to change your life. 

274 pages

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