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Flamingo Estate

Smoked Morita Honey

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Not to over-hype it, but this honey is kind of a game changer. The smoky morita chiles add a welcome depth to roasted veggies and the sweetness from the honey balances things out. We love it on charred carrots, roasted brussel sprouts, pork chops, a chicken and grain bowl... Ok, just about everything.

Flamingo Estate took their raw, antioxidant-rich Wildflower honey and infused it with the iconic Morita Chile, grown organically at nearby Windrose Farms. Morita Chiles are ripe jalapeños that have turned red and fruity. They are then dehydrated, rehydrated, and smoked with applewood from the farm's trees. The peppers are sourced through the estate's friends at Windrose Farms. 

Ingredients: 100% Raw Honey, Morita Chile
*Not Suitable For Infants Under 12 Months of Age

535g/ 19oz