Solar Return Ritual Set

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This ritual set from UnitedOther offers a chance to celebrate your annual trip around the sun (aka your solar return, aka your birthday). Start your year off mindfully by setting intentions for the next 365 days. 


  • One Cerussite, Galea & Barite gemstone for personal growth.
  • Freely, Closely, Truly, & Cosmically Ritual Incense Ropes x 1 each
  • Honor Intention Incense Paper x 1
  • Release Intention Incense Paper x 1
  • Abundance Intention Incense Paper x 1
  • Begin Intention Incense Paper x 1
  • Questions to guide your intention setting

PAPER BURN TIME • approximately 3-5 Min Per Incense

INCENSE ROPE BURN TIME • approximately 30-40 Min Per Incense

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