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Super Hyper Vibe!

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In Super Hyper Vibe! you are invited to take back your life by infusing it with meaning. Not in the distant future- but today!

If you're looking to experience your life as a Soul Being and let your spirit shine, this book is for you.

But be warned: Super Hyper Vibe! is not for everyone. Complete with a workshop (including online videos), this book will challenge you to enter the spiritual life as a force to create change- first, by questioning the status quo (including spiritual conventions); then, by finding the courage to let go of your conditioned self to discover total freedom. 

Super Hyper Vibe! is a spiritual wild ride, and you should be prepared to be shocked, to laugh, and to be challenged like you've never been before. This book will introduce you to the practice of Reunion, a new approach to living successfully and meaningfully in today's complex, interconnected world. 

This book is for a new generation of Soul seekers.
This book is for now. Are you ready?

258 pages

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