Elisabeth Prueitt & Chad Robertson

Tartine: A Classic Revisited

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Deliciousness. Experimentation. Perfection. Tartine.

With more than 120 recipes for breakfast pastries, tarts, pies, cakes, cookies, and so much more, this is the only baking book you need.

The cookbook Tartine has become a go-to resource for home bakers since it was published. Now this classic baking book has been updated and expanded with 68 new recipes that reflect how home bakers have developed. And Tartineonce a single storefront in the Mission District of San Francisco with a line around the block- has transformed itself with changing tastes and times to become a global empire with a cult-like following.

Known for the brilliance and creativity of its bakers, Tartine is a place where otherworldly treats are produced, both in the bakeries and in this book. For the first time ever, you'll find the most-requested recipe in Tartine history: the Tartine Morning Bun. This updated edition also contains dozens of recipes perfect for beginning bakers, including banana muffins, thumbprint cookies, brownies with a rocky road topping, peanut butter honey cookies, and pound cake. 

Here are more old-fashioned desserts reimagined, including a Dutch apple pie sweetened with apple butter, diner-classic chocolate pudding pie, homey cakes, and a marvel of a cheesecake with a gluten-free crust. But there's a twist: modern flavors and ingredients- matcha, einkorn, buckwheat- upend our expectations and result in surprisingly delicious treats. Recipe variations include natural sweeteners, such as coconut sugar and maple syrup, and heritage grains, such as teff and rye- to satisfy curiosity, dietary restrictions, or a not-so-sweet tooth. More than 25 recipes are gluten-free. 

There are also projects to satisfy the most serious bakers: a stunner of an updated buche de noel (featuring beautiful white chocolate mushrooms) and the classiest pig in a blanket you've ever eaten. More than 115 gorgeous photographs by the renowned Gentl + Hyers provide mouthwatering visual inspiration and instruction. 

Tartine is a masterwork of baking. 

328 pages

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