Caroline Hwang

The Adaptogenic Herbal Kitchen

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Adaptogens are medicinal herbs, plants and fungi originally used in centuries-old Chinese and Ayurvedic healing traditions that biologically increase the body's capacity to handle physical, mental, and emotional stress.

They adapt to the needs of the body in order to decrease inflammation, restore inner harmony, and promote optimal health. Adaptogens can also increase energy and libido, boost immunity, and fight depression and anxiety. 

This no-fuss beginner's guide uses these natural supplements in more than 65 delicious smoothies, juices, soups, and stews for a myriad of benefits. The book also includes a quick primer on the properties of each commonly used adaptogen. For example, ashwagandha and ginseng soothe long-term sources of stress, reishi and astragalus strengthen the immune system, and licorice and tulsi improve gut health. 

Set up your mind and body for wellness with adaptogens. 

159 pages

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