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The Sphinx and The Priestess

The Empress Candle

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Ruled by the sensuous planet Venus, The Empress signifies fertility, abundance, and divine feminine goddess energy. This ritual flame can help awaken your more sensual side, promote abundance, creativity, and inspire you to transform your desires into reality. With a cleared and charged moonstone and a powerful channeled mantra, the Empress will encourage creative visualization empowering you to manifest your wildest dreams on the earth plane.

Ritual Use
Beauty, fertility, love, imagination, abundance

Product Description
• Color: Rich, creamy Ivory
• Handmade, poured, and packaged in Los Angeles
• 100% Natural Soy Wax
• Burn time: 30-60 hours (approximately)
• 12oz single-wick candle
• 3" width, 4" height (approximately)
• Glass vessel

*Please note: candles are crafted with intention to give you the tool with which to manifest your desires. How you work with the candles is entirely up to you and results are not guaranteed.