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UnitedOther Incense Ropes: Closely

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Hand dyed, hand rolled, small batch incense ropes handcrafted in Los Angeles by UnitedOther. Burn Closely to feel connected to your partner or yourself. Feel strong, sensual, grounded, tuned in, togetherness. 

  • Closely express your heart
    Patchouli / Palo Santo / Oakmoss / Dammar

From UnitedOther founder Ellen Nguyen: “My deepest intention is to serve a higher creative and spiritual purpose. My hope for UnitedOther is to help create a sacred space for personal rituals in our modern world. Sacred rituals that inspire and allow us the space to grow into a deeper connectivity with our true selves, to one another, and the Universe at large. It’s about transforming the ordinary. A new way of seeing and being. It says to dream and trust. The more that we start to do so – collectively – we can create a bigger context, a larger permission and a greater love.”

How to burn: 

Set your intentions
Light the tip of the incense
Fan out after a few seconds
Place on a heat safe surface
Clear your thoughts
Go Within

Set of eight incense ropes. 
Burn time: approximately 30-40 minutes per rope