Bryant Terry

Vegetable Kingdom

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Explore the irresistible foods of the vegetable kingdom.

Spinach with blackened chickpeas and creamy herb dressing. Cornmeal-fried mushroom po'boys with Memphis slaw. Creamy sweet potato soup with puffed black rice. In Vegetable Kingdom, you'll find more than 150 recipes that showcase the abundance of vegan food. Author and activist Bryant Terry channels the flavors his family adores- from the African Diaspora to his wife's roots in Asia- in modern and compelling ways. You'll discover tempting new approaches to your favorite vegetables, grains, and legumes and fall in love with ones you've never had before. With Bryant as your guide, sharing tools, tips, and ideas for cooking vegetables and building creative meals on your own, there's no reason not to go forth and delve into the vegetable kingdom. 

249 pages

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