An Ideal Day with Mom

Mother's Day is coming up and with that, lots of gift suggestions. We don't really believe in just giving a "thing" for the sake of giving a thing. We believe gifts can be thoughtful, practical, and beautiful all at once. Here are a few gift ideas from Alicia, inspired by an ideal day spent with her #1 fan, her mom... 

First up: Yoga date! What better way to start the day together than with some calming breaths and restorative poses? I'm sure I can still exasperate my mom so it's smart to get her in a zen mood right away. 

Gift: Kinto Workout Bottle in Clear, also available in SmokeMom needs to stay hydrated if you're going to share mimosas later!

After yoga, why not grab brunch together? If you're in Houston, don't forget Genara will be set up at the Revival Market, Market in the Heights. (Note: if you want those mimosas, this restaurant is BYOB!) 

Gift: Make mom tear up with sweet words in a beautiful hand painted Moglea card.
Bonus gift: Kinto Travel Tumbler in Khaki, also available in Coyote. What a perfect way to enjoy a coffee and be free to explore the market too!

Time to head home for one of our favorite activities: Movie Day! Will we opt for a thematic choice like Mommie Dearest or just go for whatever's suggested on Netflix? Either way *one* of us will talk non-stop throughout the movie, haha. 

Gift: Nippon Kodo Mori No Koh Incense Set, inspired by the act of forest bathing. If you're going to spend the afternoon inside, bring a little woodsy feeling indoors. The fragrance makes the house feel cozy and welcoming. 

How about a fun drink for mom? I love sharing a bottle of Nostrum shrubs whenever I go over to a guest's house or have a guest in my own home. Basically, it's always time for a shrub and this day with mom is no exception.

Gift: Nostrum Pineapple Turmeric Ginger Shrub. Available in more blends. Worried about how to use it? Fret not- there's an easy to follow recipe on the side of the bottle. When in doubt, just mix with some sparkling water and a splash of gin or vodka. 

Now the day is winding down and it's time to go our separate ways. I love spending a day like this with my mom and it always feels like it's over too fast. My parting wish is that she take more time to treat herself; I'd like to leave her with a gift that will encourage her to do just that. 

Gift: The Contents Co Bath Soak in Allay. With notes of clary sage, lavender, and bergamot this soak will make her feel calm and peaceful- a great antidote to the years of stress we brought her growing up.