Intention in every little thing.

We handpick each of our goods with the purpose of bringing serenity, ritual, and intention to your surroundings and routines. We supply objects that capture the feeling of home to elicit calm and nostalgia, and we are huge believers in the power of self-care. We appreciate both the useful, practical things that bring beauty to everyday tasks and the more novel objets d’art that exist simply to bring us joy. Every piece is one that I would personally use and cherish myself, and comes with the option to be gift wrapped and sealed with a handwritten note to give to your loved ones. We’re so happy to welcome you into our world. Please make yourself at home, indulge and enjoy.

What's in a name? 

Genara (heh•nar•uh) is my grandmother’s name, a name that for me represents what it means to be a natural and creative homemaker. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been amazed by her special gift for cultivating an atmosphere perfectly balanced between homey warmth and elegant aesthetics. From her dinner parties filled with laughter and family recipes to the dazzling dishwares and decor that made her home so uniquely special, her ability to transform a room into a beautiful experience inspired me to create a store that could bring that same magic to others.

With love. With gratitude. 
-Alicia, shop owner & founder