Brick & Mortar Before & After

What a journey our brick & mortar experience has been! We first toured the space in mid-2019 and saw so much potential in this little shop. I'm sure it's lived life after life, and I am truly excited about the next chapter for these 900-something square feet. All right, if you like a good ol' fashioned before and after... here we go!

Sooo, it was a bit rough but not completely impossible, right? There were years and years of paint on the concrete floors, old fluorescent fixtures, shaky ceiling fans, outlets (and tripping hazards) on the floor, a very strange (pale seafoam?) color on the walls and a truly terrifying bathroom. I knew we could turn this into something special. The day after we got the keys I cleansed the stressful energy of the lease negotiation process away, connected to thoughts of the future, and set some intentions with the help of UnitedOther. It felt good to enter the next phase as we transitioned into the new year. 

So here she is once the layers started getting peeled back:

The old wall separating the office from the front was torn out, the bathroom was completely gutted, the HVAC closet needed to be rebuilt, the ducts turned out to be a DIY/ not very code compliant situation, we had a bit of flooding, we discovered there was no water heater... But! Even through all the new headaches we saw how beautiful the old details were. The raw old ceiling beam was exposed, the paint was finally gone from the floors, there was a new openness and a feeling of great potential. 

Ok this is where it all started to come together, and where we were finally at long last able to move operations out of our house and into a proper work space. I cannot even tell you how good it felt to make that jump and have our home back. 

And now where we are today:

It's come a long way and I really need to get more After shots but one thing at a time, one day at a time...

Tomorrow is Opening Day!