The Shift Recap

Recently, We had the sincere pleasure of co-hosting our first in-store workshop with Carolina Vennie from Yogaleena. Before sitting down for a guided meditation and journaling session we offered guests a comforting cup of either herbal tea or a delicious mushroom mocha (available in-store). Once it was time to settle in, the group all gathered around and we sat on comfortable meditation cushions, taking in the scent of our beloved Nostalgia incense

Yogaleena and Genara event

After a round of one-by-one introductions to the group, we closed our eyes and Carolina led us through a peaceful meditation. With a refreshed mindset, guests opened their gift bags to pull out the journal and pencil enclosed. Carolina invited us to journal together, giving us questions and prompts followed by a few minutes after each to consider our thoughts. She kicked off the journaling session with this quote from Jamie Varon

How about you don't have to build an empire? Or dominate an industry? Or be the number one at anything? What if you simply built a lovely life that makes you feel happy, that brings you joy, that is generative and supportive? What if you healed the parts of you that need more and more and more? What if you redefined what success looks and feels like to you? What if you decided enough is enough? What if you felt satisfied in the right here, the right now? What if you realized your life is likely a lot closer to your ideal than you ever thought? What if changing the filter in which you view your life makes everything that much more vibrant? How much open empty space would be left for your joy if you stopped thinking you needed to earn it? How much time could you spend in the actual living of your life if you let go of striving for more? How much more beautiful would this moment, right here, become for you? 

After reflecting on the questions and jotting down our thoughts we had the chance to chat and share with our neighbor before Carolina opened the discussion up to the group. The big takeaway is that there are so many opportunities to reframe a situation. Instead of seeing a to-do list with so many items left to cross off, celebrate all the accomplishments achieved so far. It was a great chance to bring awareness to our day-to-day thought process and consider new patterns and routines to better serve our goals. This mindful evening offered an encouraging shift in perspective and mood. Lately, there's been a recurring theme in asking friends how they're doing: everyone is so busy and stressed out, understandably. We're all feeling dangerously close to burnout. I'm not advocating for "toxic positivity" but I do think sitting with your thoughts and highlighting the wins, the gratitude, the positivity can be helpful. Invite a shift in perspective and see what changes ripple from that. 

Guided meditation

As for the gift bags everyone received... We had a great time curating the items for these. Here's what everyone received: 

One slim Midori notebook to journal with or sketch in, along with a Blackwing Pearl pencil.
Two Leaves & Flowers tea sachets for an herbal reset. 
One UnitedOther incense rope, hand blended and made with love by one of our favorite artisans. 
Bath salts by SOUNDS, because who doesn't need a nice soak? 
A Goe Oil sample, a delightful treat for the skin to soak up after that bath. 
Copal incense to invite calm into the day. 
An affirmation card from the I AM EVERYTHING Deck

Curious about the music played for the event? You can find that here!