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Awaken Tea

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We love to hear tea.o.graphy wax poetic about their teas, so allow them to introduce this blend...

Guayusa (“Why-you-sah”) - also known as the “watchman” plant – is a powerful and spiritual plant that is native to the Amazon jungles of Ecuador. 
This sister plant to Yerba Mate, is nicknamed by indigenous tribes “The Night Watchman” because they believe it keeps you awake.  Even while asleep, you are aware of your surroundings...inspiring lucid dreams, “wake-walking,” dream sharing, and strengthening kinship through dreams.

Flavor Profile
Brisk, bright, spice, and grassy.

Tasting Notes
Lucid dreams. Stimulating & uplifting. Energizing & warming spice. Delicate rainforest notes.

organic guayusa leaf + organic cacao + organic rose hips + cinnamon chips + organic hibiscus + organic red chile

Caffeine content
Moderate Caffeine

~20 servings

Lovingly blended in small batches in Taos, New Mexico.