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Heretic Parfum

Dirty Suede

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Soft, alluring, sensual.

Cashmere and suede are blended with siam wood, creamy sandalwood, and soft musk in this clean and deeply sensual scent.

Top Notes: Bulgarian rose, sandalwood
Heart Notes: Bourbon Patchouli, absolute 
Base Notes: Velvet Ambrette Musk, Vetiver, Caledonian, Sandalwood

Heretic Parfum is the creation of Douglas Little: perfumer, alchemist, and botanical wizard. Each fragrance is unisex and all natural. What does “all natural” mean in the context of a perfume? With Heretic, it means a base of organic non-GMO food grade sugarcane alcohol; essential oils, concretes, and absolutes made of plants and flowers. It means smelling the botanical vibrancy come alive, mixing with your own chemistry for a scent that is truly your own.