High Desert Sage Tea

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We love to hear tea.o.graphy wax poetic about their teas, so allow them to introduce this blend...

"Redolent of the sweeping mesa vistas, sky-stretched sunsets melting into the horizon and the sweet-smelling fragrance of sage after a fresh desert rain.
The high desert mesa of Taos. My backyard. Carved down the middle by the rushing water of the Rio Grande, exposing dramatic slices of earth & surrounded by stunning, snow capped mountains.
It is from this empyreal state that our high desert tea was born.
Taos in a teacup, just for you."

Flavor Profile
Sweet, minty, mellow, and earthy.

Tasting Notes
Fresh desert rain. Mood enhancing. Comforting.

organic sage + organic cassia cinnamon + organic peppermint + organic dutch lavender

Caffeine content
No Caffeine

~24 servings

Lovingly blended in small batches in Taos, New Mexico.

    High Desert Sage Tea
    High Desert Sage Tea

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