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Lavender Grey Tea

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We love to hear tea.o.graphy wax poetic about their teas, so allow them to introduce this blend...

Formerly known to tea.o.graphy as ‘Lady Grey,’ this sumptuous variation on the classic Earl Grey delivers a full-bodied black tea.

It is brisk, lovely and perfumed with floral & citrus notes.

Fermented to perfection & naturally scented with the winter-flowering Italian citrus fruit bergamot, it's combined with the tranquil and calming notes of Dutch lavender, brightened with a touch of orange peel & softened with creamy, fair trade Indian vanilla bean.

Delicious on its own or great honeyed with a splash of cream!

Flavor Profile
Citrus, floral, sweet, brisk, and smooth.

Tasting Notes
Smooth. Well-balanced bergamot bouquet. Soft, floral notes.

organic black tea + organic orange peel + organic dutch lavender + organic indian vanilla bean + oil of bergamot

Caffeine content
Moderate Caffeine

~28 servings

Lovingly blended in small batches in Taos, New Mexico.