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Miyashiro Studio

Onsen Saru Bath Soak

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This soak feels like a decadent spa treatment at home. You'll feel so relaxed as you soak you just may fall asleep in the tub!
"The Onsen Saru, or hot spring monkey, knows this is the place to come for peace and relaxation. 
Surrounded by snow and pine trees, he soaks in the mineral-rich waters to rejuvenate his soul. 
Turn your own tub into an Onsen with a soothing blend of sea salts and magnesium flakes. Let the scent of Japanese Matsu pine and cedar wood and snow create a purification ritual that will leave you feeling renewed."

Directions: Pour desired amount into tub, soak your body, and breathe deep.

Ingredients: Himalayan pink salt, magnesium chloride hexahydtrate flakes, essential oils

8 ounces

Made in Los Angeles