Papier d'Arménie

Papier d'Arménie Incense Paper, Original

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These iconic papers from France are an ingenious way to deodorise the home. They've been in production since 1885 and are a reliable solution to freshen up the air. Perfect to use in the evening after cooking; upon returning home after vacation; to clear the home of cigarette odors. To get even more out of the booklets when not in use, stash yours in a drawer or closet and your clothing will pick up the fragrance. 

Scent: These papers are scented with benzoin resin. The fragrance takes on a powdery, old-world feel.  

To use: tear one strip from the perforated pages, fold accordian-style, light one end then blow out the flame and set on a fire-proof dish or bed of ash. The paper will slowly burn with a small amount of smoke, fill your home with fragrance and eliminate foul odors. 

36 strips per book

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