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Nippon Kodo

Pine Tree Incense Set

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It is traditionally believed that the kami (deities) dwell in evergreen trees. The word matsu means both "pine" and "to wait" (for the deity to descend) and the pine is part of the felicitous trio of pine, bamboo, and plum tree, and the auspicious pairing of crane and pine. Pine decorations are displayed at New Year's, and a monumental pine tree is painted on the backdrop of the Noh stage- all expressing the pine's association with luck and longevity. Savor the refreshing scent of pine, the tree that guards the travelers' road and watches over their safe return.

Directions for use: Light the tip of the incense and blow out the flame. When a wisp of smoke begins to flow, place the opposite end of the incense in your holder. Tune into the sensations the incense creates.

Set includes 60 sticks with holder.

Approximate burn time: 12 minutes