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Heretic Parfum


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A sexy, smoky, airy scent that is both cleansing and comforting.

From Heretic Parfum:
“We’ve created a liquid version of the smudge stick, which has been used throughout history to clear negative vibes. This mystical blend of herbs and resins such as clary sage, juniper, labdanum and frankincense not only smells incredibly unique but also possesses cleansing, grounding, and enlightening properties.”

Top Notes: Atlantic cedar, frankincense, Sichuan pepper

Heart Notes: Clary sage, juniper, tonka bean

Base Notes: Labanum, patchouli, Canadian balsam, sandalwood, styrax

Heretic Parfum is the creation of Douglas Little: perfumer, alchemist, and botanical wizard. Each fragrance is unisex and all natural. What does “all natural” mean in the context of a perfume? With Heretic, it means a base of organic non-GMO food grade sugarcane alcohol; essential oils, concretes, and absolutes made of plants and flowers. It means smelling the botanical vibrancy come alive, mixing with your own chemistry for a scent that is truly your own.

Available in 15ml & 50ml glass bottles