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Hasami Porcelain

Hasami Tea Pot

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Elevate your daily tea ritual with this beautiful tea pot. Note: This tea pot is not intended to be used directly on a stove top.

Crafted from a proprietary blend of porcelain and clay; composed of a balance of curves and clean lines; functional yet artful. This tea pot is sure to be incorporated into your daily routine, elevating the comforting ritual of a cozy cup of tea. Each pot comes with a perfectly sized stainless steel strainer.

PLEASE NOTE: Coloration varies and irregularities occur. This is the charm of handmade ceramics. 

Due to the organic nature of the porcelainware used for Hasami, unavoidable variations, color unevenness, and what Hasami craftspeople call “staining” appear in all Hasami Porcelain products. Variations are the result of uncontrollable chemical reactions between the glaze and the raw materials during the extreme firing process.

Difference in color and texture is not considered second quality, nor is it considered defective or undesirable amongst the Hasami craftsmen community. It is a prized sign of beauty of the line’s one-of-a-kind character and nature.

 17 ounces. 3 3/8 x 6 1/2 inches.

Dishwasher and microwave safe.
Made in Japan.