Let's Give Back Together

Our community has been so supportive of our little business from Day One and that support has allowed us to grow our family of independent craftspeople and makers. When you purchase from us it's not only a gesture of love for your home and surroundings, it also enables the artists we work with to keep pursuing their craft and support themselves. 

We want to pay this love and support forward. These are tough times for so many people and we want to do what we can to help. Every week in April we're partnering with a different organization and donating 10% of sales to those in need. If you're able, shop with us as we support the following groups. If you'd rather donate directly, we celebrate that too!

April 1 - 8
Feeding America

April 9 - 15
The Women's Home

April 16 - 22
Southern Smoke

April 23 - 30
Covenant House