Weekend Tunes for Valentines

It's Valentine's weekend. Maybe you're feeling head-over-heels in love, maybe you're so over "love," maybe you just want to hit play and cook dinner. Well we are here to provide! Every Valentine's we make two playlists: one full of songs for those in love, one full of breakup songs for those out of love. The full catalog below:

Full Hearts Vol. 1
Full Hearts Vol. 2
Full Hearts Vol. 3

Broken Hearts Vol. 1
Broken Hearts Vol. 2
Broken Hearts Vol. 3

Warning: there's some cursing, especially in the Broken Hearts playlists. Who hasn't wanted to roll down the windows and go for a long angsty singalong road trip after a breakup? 

Enjoy and have a happy Valentine's, no matter the state of your love life!